A Squishie and a few more treasures

Squishie 2, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In my mail this morning was a "squishie" from Cathy K and CQI! I had entered some pictures of my crazy quilt work with "wings" on it in the July monthly challenge and won the drawing! I absolutely LOVE the pansy/viola applique she included and am already thinking about creating a CQ block for it!

The baggie included not only lots of pieces of lace but lots of fabrics, a silkie, beads and some funny little crocheted balls! What fun it will be to discover ways to incorporate these things in my crazy quilting! What a delightful package this was! Would you believe that it all fit in a sandwich bag?! Thank you so much Cathy and CQI!

1920s Needlecraft Mags
Here are a few more treasures that I managed to fit into the car from my Mom's. I already have a few of these old McCalls NeedleCraft magazines, so was thrilled to be able to add a few more to my collection! Love the old patterns!

Rose plaques
Among my Aunt Lois' creative endeavors was making small sculpted roses to decorate plaques, jewelry boxes, etc. This was back in the 60s and 70s, long before the advent of clays like FIMO and Sculpy. I remember her making the clay from white bread and white glue and coloring it with food coloring. Growing up, I had two jewelry boxes she made for me from large oval sardine tins covered with felt, and with new cardboard based lids also covered with felt and designs made from these same bread clay roses. These are tiny ~ only about 3 1/2" in diameter! Each little clay petal started as a tiny ball of clay, shaped with nothing more than her fingers and fingernails! What fun to have these four plaques to remind me of her boundless creativity!

Bremner Bros tin
Another treasure from my Mom is this old Bremner Bros Butter Wafer tin! I've always loved it, so was delighted when my Mom offered it to me! I've already stashed some of my crazy quilting goodies in it to keep handy near my work chair.

Violets tray
This lovely old paper-mache tray covered with a field of violets is something else I always loved at my Mom's. The matching box in front of it holds a set of matching coasters! It will go beautifully with my small collection of violet teacups and plates!

I also brought home a few shells to add to my sea treasures shelf. Most of these, my Mother picked up on her travels here and there around the world. I love that the polished shell in the center has a hint of aqua gleam to it!

I have a couple days off work and hopefully I'll get a chance to do some stitching this weekend! I'm going through withdrawal as things have been so busy, I haven't picked up a needle and thread in nearly three weeks!


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