Nearly Finished!

Tatting and Trellis, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
Block 2 of my cream and white project is nearly complete! Inspired by a design from one of the 1920's Needlecraft magazines, I added a corner trellis with some spider web roses from embrodery thread. I love the look of them and hope to use these much more in the future! The tatting is the last piece from my stash of this particular one. I've used it in several things and love it! I'm hoping to get the pattern figured out in order to tat some more of it!

Spider Web Roses
I also added some silk ribbon spider web roses to the cluny lace. Same process for both these and the embroidery thread ones, but such a different result based on the materials used!

In the center bottom patch, I added a more wheat. The wheat berries use the granitos stitch. I knew I wanted something more than the usual lazy daisy stitch or satin stitch for these and the granitos stitch helps give them just the right amount of dimension. It's so easy ~ just a straight stitch worked over and over using the same entry and exit point, but controlling where the thread lies.

Block 2 WIP 14Aug09
Here's an overall look at the block. There are still three small patches to finish and then some beading in a few spots and this will be completed! Time to get block number 3 pieced and ready to go!


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