Cream & White Block 2 - WIP

WIP 09Aug09 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
At last I've gotten some time to do a little stitching! I've been working on the second cream and white block. The sunflower spoke to me of late summer/autumn harvest themes. In keeping with that idea, I've added some stalks of wheat in silk ribbon embroidery, an embroidered acorn, more button flowers and a button cluster incorporating a wonderful white leaf button I've had in my stash for years! There's also a trellis of roses using those wonderful little SRE roses that I've come to love!

WIP 09Aug09 02
In the bottom of the block, I've added a jacobean leaf design, embroidered in pearl cotton rather than the usual crewel wool. A couple of shell birds, old bead fetishes from the southwest decorate the SRE fern fronds. Near the center, I've embroidered some daisies in SRE with some great narrow silk ribbon from the Berry Patch store in Niwot, Colorado!

I think this block will get more wheat, in thread embroidery this time, a butterfly and some oak leaves and another acorn or two before it's finished!


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