Crockery, Copper, Cabinets and Yarn

On the way home from Colorado, the car was packed to the gills with various bits of furniture and boxes of treasures for my sister and I. Among the things that I brought home were several pieces of old crockery. I love the whitish pieces and the ones with bits of blue on them.

Crockery 2
These straight sided crocks are useful for so many things!

Crockery 3
I've loved this old ironstone coffee pot for years. The larger blue crock was featured in one of my mother's paintings and I hope to also include it in a painting or two. The little blue crocks once had cheese in them. Too bad they don't package things like that in this day and age!

Copper lit
I was given this little copper lamp (or gnome light as I've called it) several years ago. It was made by an elderly friend of ours, Mrs. Scheerer, who became a surrogate grandmother to my sister and I. In the fire, it was heavily smoke damaged, but with care, we were able to restore it. What fun to bring home the hammered copper plate to go with it that Mrs. Scheerer also made! The copper teakettle was one my mom had hidden away. It looks like another wonderful painting prop and with the other items makes a splendid copper display!

White cabinet
Another item I brought home that once belonged to Mrs. Scheerer was this white cabinet. My mother tells me that her husband J made it for her. The top drawer has little compartments and just above the lowest drawer is a pull out cutting board. I would love to have known what she kept in this cabinet and how she used that low cutting board!

white yarn 1
From my mother's stash of weaving yarns, I brought home all the white balls. They have such lovely textures!

white yarn 2
There is quite a basketful of yarn to work with! I may have to do some weaving myself just to use them up!

Wool yarn
Best of all, there are skeins and skeins of lovely wool, perfect for knitting a big cozy sweater and an afghan for the living room! So many projects! So little time!


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