Sketches from Sequoia

I took my small watercolor sketch kit with me to Sequoia along with a small size (3 1/2"x 5 1/4") watercolor Moleskine. Along the way I did several sketches and kept a journal of my trip. Here are 4 of the sketches.

Beetle Rock LPBoni Aug09
Beetle Rock ~ my favorite of all the sketches I did this trip. I first read about Beetle Rock as a child in Sally Carrighar's book, "One Day on Beetle Rock". What fun to see it in person!

General Grant LPBoni Aug09
General Grant Tree ~ trying to capture the sense of height looking up at the tree from down below.

Round Meado LPBoni Aug09
Round Meadow ~ I love how the red trunks of the sequoia stand out from amongst the other trees with their grey bark and deep green needles. The meadow was lovely in shades of green and yellow turning to reddish tones with the coming autumn.

Tunnel Log LPBoni Aug09
Tunnel Log ~ my second favorite of the sketches I did this trip.

This should be the last of my Sequoia posts... now it's back to work and back to my more usual posts about handwork and crazy quilting... until my trip to Colorado in September!


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