Road Trip!

01 near Kingman, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Post 1/4 Sequoia Trip

I love heading out on a road trip! The anticipation of sights to see, watching the countryside slide by mile after mile, ever changing is something I love to experience! This most recent trip was no different. I got off to a late start and was a little concerned that I'd be driving into the hot sun all day, which can make for a long day. Instead, within a few miles, the clouds came over and the first couple hours of my trip were in the rain. I loved the way the clouds hung low over the hills between Seligman and Kingman, Arizona on I-40.

02 near Needles
Past Kingman, the rain stopped and the clouds dispersed somewhat and I had a good view of the Needles as I neared the Colorado River.

03 Mohave Desert
Across the Colorado River and now in California, the road traverses the Mohave Desert. Miles and miles of dry land, sand, rocks and creosote bush and little else. It's sort of like looking the earth without her clothes on. All you see is the skin and bones.

04 near Boron
The light was amazing all the way across California. Near Boron, where they mine borax for the laundry additive, the light came down in glorious rays.

05 windmills w of Mohave
Just past the town of Mohave, I was amazed to see hundreds upon hundreds of windmills on the hills (the same ones you can see in the distance on the last picture). Don't they make it look like the hills have been turned into giant pincushions?

06 golden hills
As soon as you come over the mountains and start heading down into the San Joaquin Valley, brilliant golden grass covers the hillsides making a beautiful contrast with the deep dark green of the oak trees.

07 oak and grassy hills
The evening light was luminous! Such a dreamy quality to the landscape in this light! It lingered like this as I arrived in the valley, orchards and vineyards lining each side of the road. I ended the days journey in Visalia, California, excited about the next day's journey into Sequoia National Park!


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