Strawberries, Thimbles and Pincushions

Front panels, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In between preparing and packing for my upcoming trip to Colorado next week, I've been finding moments to work on my hussif. I'm finding this to be a very fulfilling project on a personal level. I love it when a project comes along that allows me to put to use many of the varied skills that I have. Such as my background in drafting, which helped me plan the measurements to ensure that it comes out properly. So far, I've used machine and hand sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon work, crochet, scrap booking and beading!
Back panels
I've also been gathering the tools that I'll be keeping in the hussif. Such as the bone stylus that was my grandmother's. I have no idea what the other little bone tool is, but I thought I'd include it as well. It looks ideal for turning points in sewn items or that it might be useful as a bead scoop. Then there is the tatting shuttle that once belonged to my Aunt, a couple vials of my favorite beads and a crochet hook.The scissor pouch has undergone several variations before settling on this version. Once the pockets are stitched down, I'll feather stitch the edges in green or creamy white. The little booklet is a small Moleskin cahier that has been covered using scrap booking techniques. I'll fill the pages with ideas for seam treatments so that I'll have a ready reference when I need inspiration.
thimble cosy
Creating the tiny crocheted purse to hold my thimble was a challenge. Since my theme seems to be roses, I decided to begin with an Irish crocheted rose and worked my way up from there, making up the pattern as I went. I doubt I could recreate the same one again! Since I've got a bone bunny bead and a couple of bone tools I decided to use these bone beads to accent and close the pouch.
strawberry emery
I've had fun creating velvet strawberries before and thought that I needed a special one that matched everything else in this set of tools. Since I already have a pincushion, this is an emery strawberry, the emery having been obtained from a cheap and rather ugly emery strawberry purchased at the store a while back. I've since found that you can purchase emery of a much higher quality from Nordic Needle.

Most of these elements still need to be stitched down, but suddenly it's all coming together nicely! I'd hoped to have it finished before my trip to Colorado, but it has turned out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated! I'll take it with me and work on it while visiting the family. The inside should go a little faster as it is mostly pockets to hold embroidery floss and silk ribbon.


Aeshna said…
OMG! Those little details (I know, I know: too tautological:>)are just stunning! I love this kind of beauty :)
genial c est sublime j aime trop avez vous fait un tuto merci bisessssssssssss

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