Christmas in August?

As sent out, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I finished my portion of the work on Janet's block for the FFT #3 Round Robin that I'm in at Crazy Quilting International. What a pleasure it has been to work on this block! I would have loved to finish this block as I had so many ideas for seam finishes and embellishments to do in the patches. In the end, I completed 3 seam embellishments and decorated two patches with embroidery and beads.
The Navaho bird bead and pine branch were the first things I added to this block but it came out smaller than intended, so I added the snowflakes in DMC Rayon thread and added some old clear beads for sparkle. I love the herringbone seam treatment and think it looks especially nice done in metalic DMC with beads and sequins! Very festive! I also added a bit of simple featherstitching at the top of the block and some varigated length buttonhole stitch along the edge of the black block. Maybe one of the next people to work on this block will be inspired to expand it a bit.
Holly leaves
Deciding on the Holly leaves took a little while, but in the end, I'm glad I chose to do them as I think they accent the white or light gray block well and provide a nice counter foil to the busyness of the snowflakes. Years and years ago, I did a lot of embroidery and satin stitch was always a favorite. Fun to be doing it again. I added the berries in DMC Rayon to add a bit of shine and did them in buttonhole stitch to give them some dimension.

I hope that Janet likes the work I've done on her block! It goes out in the mail tomorrow to the next participant on the list!


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