Pearls, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The warm luster of pearls is lovelier to me than any other gemstone. To think that something so beautiful can come from what would otherwise be an irritation is amazing. For me, they serve as a reminder to make the most of what is at hand and that beauty can be found everywhere if only we put forth a little effort and dream a little.

I've been collecting old, tattered and broken faux pearl necklaces for some time now, enchanted by their gentle glow and soft burnished colors. Lately, some of them have been finding their way into my embroidery and crazy quilt projects. I've been wanting to display them in a dish for a while, but they didn't look right in anything that I had at hand. But then, while wandering through the craft shop, I spied this abalone shell and knew that it was the perfect vessel for them!


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