Making a Hussif

Front 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

When I first saw the term "hussif", I thought it sounded like something Arabic. Instead, I discovered that it is actually something to contain the bits and pieces one needs and that the term eventually evolved into "housewife", meaning the sewing roll that housewives used to keep their needles, threads and scissors in. When I saw the gorgeous beauties featured in a past issue of "CQ Mag Online", I knew I had to make one!

I've never been one to let not having a pattern stop me from making something I want. So I began to sketch out ideas and came up with my own version based on the photos in the article. I cut a cover from natural linen and basted lines to show where the folds and pages lie and planned out a design for the front.
front motif
I cross stitched my first initial on the front using a free pattern provided by DMC. Then I made the ribbon leaves, rosebuds and rose using a combination of wired and satin ribbons from my ribbon box using Helen Gibb's directions in her book, "Ribbon Flowers". I embroidered the ferns using silk ribbon in a fly stitch and the white leaves using a buttonhole stitch and cream rayon DMC thread. There is one more spray of the buttonhole leaves to go, but I'm out of thread and must go buy more! I'll add some featherstitch fronds with beads and stitch down the ribbon rose and leaves before I call the front done! What fun to have a new project to work on!


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