Linen Bags

3 Linen bags, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In preparation for my trip to Colorado this week, I finished up these little linen zippered bags. The pattern came from the "Tilda" book, "Sew Pretty Homestyle". I had been making rectangular bags for a while, but loved that this pattern had a curved top and a squared off, wider bottom. Just right for carrying all those small accouterments in my suitcase!
Small bag 2 front Smalll bag 3 front
I had fun going through the button jar and finding just the right buttons for the flowers.

So I'm off to Colorado to see my family and will also be spending a weekend in Estes Park at the Longs Peak Scottish Irish-Highland Festival. It is one of the largest Scottish Games in this country and it is something I have dearly missed attending the last three years. I'm thrilled to be able to attend with my daughter this year! This picture was taken in 2003. I have attended in costume for many years now!
At the Scots Fest 2003
One of the things I love about the Scottish Festival is listening to the Bagpipe Bands on the Festival Field. There is no better place to attend a Scottish Festival, than Estes Park. The cool mountain air makes it feel like what I imagine the Highlands to feel like.
Massed Bands 6Sep03
Many people ask if I am of Scottish descent. I'm not, but rather I'm a McWannabe! My kids can claim a bit of Scottish Ancestry through a Scots/Irish great great great grandmother on their father's side and I've "adopted" this clan, the Mackay clan, as my own. My love for things Scottish began when I was in High School and fell in love with the writings of George MacDonald. His book, Sir Gibbie, is still among my top favorite books of all time. One day, my dream of traveling to Scotland will actually come true! Until then, I'll dream of that day and travel vicariously through the pages of books by listening to the strains of bagpipes high in the Colorado Rockies!


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