Practical and Pretty

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My pincushion is finished!
Pincushion side b
This is a wonderfully large pincushion, over 5" in diameter and about 2" tall. When I am doing embroidery, I like to have needles of each color threaded and ready to go, so it is quite practical for the purpose! Now the arms of my chair will no longer resemble a porcupine!
What serendipity to find that the pincushion coordinated so beautifully with the needlebook I made several years ago!
Pincushion top
I love it when I'm able to use something that is not only practical, but pretty! It makes the task at hand so much more enjoyable!


Anonymous said…
I really love your blog. As for practical and pretty, my house is so small, that everything that I purchase only useful things, but I try to find items that are attractive also. Sometimes they cost a little more, but that's okay with me since I don't buy just decorative pieces.

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