Working on the Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt update, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I've had a little time off and after weeks of looking at my crazy quilt square and wondering what in the world to do next on it, inspiration finally hit.

While in Colorado, I picked up some lovely crushed velvet vanilla colored ribbon. My mother let me go through her sewing stuff and take what I liked from her stash and one of the lovely things I came up with was a whole bags of lovely pearls in a luscious rosy ecru color. Just the thing to begin a little embellishing with!
From a vintage magazine that featured needlework designs from the Victorian era, I spied the floral embroidery pattern and knew it would be just right for one of the blocks. It has been years and years since I embroidered much more than stem stitch and lazy daisies, but after a slow start, my efforts at satin stitch improved. What I'm finding out is that my eyes aren't nearly as good now as they were 30 years ago! I did have fun using different threads in this from regular DMC embroidery floss to Belding Corticelli Silk Buttonhole twist.

I also pulled out the stash of silk ribbons and embroidered this little spray of flowers freehand.
Ribbon Embroidery
The block is coming along and I'm pleased with the results at the moment. Next I have plans for a mixed silk ribbon embroidered and cotton floss spray of Queen Anne's lace on one block and a pearly button cluster for another. And as this is Navajo and Hopi territory, I was able to find some lovely carved bone birds and bunnies and hope to include them as well.

Such fun to watch this block grow and evolve! It's definitely the most creative thing I've ever done with embroidery and quilting! At the rate I'm going, I figure it will be July or later before it's actually done. If you think I'm ambitious, you must go take a look at the amazing spring crazy quilt that Allie is doing! She works so fast and does such amazing work! Inspiring!


This is simply gorgeous...evokes a serene feeling...lovely!

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