Lovely Lilacs

Lovely Lilacs, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

My mother writes, "Lisa should be here. The lilacs are all in bloom."

And so I should. Lilac season embodies all my dreams. Sadly, in the mountains of northern Arizona, the vageries of weather prevent most of the lilacs from blooming. This year, they were all frozen out by our late snows. The above picture was of a lovely bouquet of lilacs cut from my mother's yard a few years ago.

Lilac perfume

The scent of lilacs is by far my favorite scent and for years has been my signature scent above all others. Unfortunately my favorite one, French Garden Flowers ~ Lilac, is no longer in production so I hoard each drop and save it for extra special occasions or when my spirits need a lift. I've tried several other lilac scents, but none comes as close to the pure lilac scent as this one.

Lilac books

When I owned my own home, I planted many lilacs and studied and read up on them. "Lilacs, The Genus Syringa" by Fr. John L. Fiala is the lilac 'Bible'. For now, I'll have to satisfy my lilac cravings by perusing its lovely photographs.

A perfect Bouquet


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