A Note from Colorado

My kids, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Having the opportunity to visit with my family and have all the kids together at one time is such a joy! Allow my to introduce my children! From left to right is my oldest son the Cowboy and his partner the Horse Trainer, my son the Marine and his wife, the Vet Tech, my daughter , the Seamstress, my foster son the Youth Pastor, and my youngest son the Artist.

While enjoying time with my family occupies most of my time, I rise early enough in the morning to have a few hours to myself before everyone else is awake. It makes for lovely crafting time and so I've been working on my art journal. I love it when everything comes together and turns out even better than I had hoped! A while back I did a page on my least favorite color ~ orange. Yesterday I completed a two page spread on one of my favorite colors ~ shades of white/cream/ivory. I'm so happy with it! What makes it even more fun for me is having the opportunity to include things from my Mom like the pressed flowers she made and buttons from her button box, the lace trim from a close friend, bits of wallpaper and scrapbook paper from a swap, silk ribbon from my embroidery basket, ephemera from my sister and charms from my scrapbooking supplies. I almost wish I had done this on something different so I could hang it on the wall!

Shades of White 01


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