Apple Blossom Time!

Apple Blossoms 2, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Each year I wait expectantly for the apple trees to bloom. When the breeze wafts their scent far and wide and the trees wear lovely gowns of white and pink, I know that spring has truely come. To look up and see the bright green leaves and perfect petals against a clear blue sky and feel the sun on my face brings me a light heart filled with joy that is matched by few other things. Imagine my delight then to be in Colorado at the height of bloom!

Apple Blossoms 3

My parents live on the side of a mesa overlooking Boulder Valley . Each day, the landscape became more green and the flowering trees filled it with bits of color. It was a lovely time to be there!

Boulder Valley view

All around my parents yard, things were blooming in abundance! What fun to wake early in the morning before the household was awake and the first rays of sun were streaking across the hillside lighting up the grass and trees. I spent many early mornings outside enjoying the sights and sounds of spring!


The apple blossoms were my favorites, but there were other beauties too, like these beautiful blue forget-me-not like flowers.

Forget me nots

And the flowering quince with it's intense coral orange color.



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