Snow in May

May Snow 13May08, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

If April showers bring May flowers, what does snow in May bring? The forcast was for rain but snow is what we received instead! The moisture is always good to have in this dry country in northern Arizona, but I must admit that I would have prefered rain to snow!

Standing outside to take this picture in the post-dawn light, everything was silent except for the echoing sound of a Lewis Woodpecker hammering on a nearby dead tree trunk in a search for food or to build a home. During the winter, he came to visit the suet feeder on a daily basis . The Lewis Woodpecker is a stunning bird, very large, and from a distance, black and white. During the winter he had a bright pink belly but now it has turned a brilliant raspberry red. I keep the binoculars handy to watch him in the trees. I haven't been able to take a picture myself, but you can see pictures here at the "Field Guide: Birds of the World pool on Flickr.


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