Spring Cleaning

Patio Pots, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

What lovely weather we have been having! Temperatures in the upper 60's, sunny without a cloud in the sky and just the right touch of breeze to keep it comfortable! I'm really hoping that we have seen the last of the snow. Hoping, hoping hoping! After all, it IS the end of May and June is nearly upon us!

With the nice weather, I decided it was time to do the spring cleaning on the patio. I even broke down and purchased some petunias for one of the pots. It's still pretty cold at night, so I may need to bring them in at night. The white and purple pansies were planted at Easter. They have done well despite the occasional snow. In another week or two, I'll plant the rest of the pots.

The statuary all came with me from my Colorado garden. When I lived in Iowa for 2 years, they stayed inside with me as I didn't have any outdoor space there. The St. Francis statue is so serene and peaceful. I bought him after our fire and he has been bringing me peace ever since. The bunnies, well, what can I say, I just love bunnies! They make me smile!

I also checked another big item off my to-do list. Got the storage shed cleaned and organized. Put up the new shelves which should make a wonderful difference in that I won't have to move everything to get to something! What a dusty dirty job getting it cleaned out was! And to think I had cleaned it in the autumn before the weather turned. Both the patio and the storage shed seem to accumulate all the windblown bits of old leaves and dirt. Nice to have it all clean, though from the photo above, I can see that my next chore is to wash the windows! And see if I can scrub some of the stains off the concrete. The apartment complex is in the midst of painting our building, so I think I'll wait until they are done.

I also was able to put up my big platform bird feeder! The ground was soft enough from our recent rain and snow that I was finally able to dig the hole for the post! I'm excited to have it as some of the larger birds that won't come to my hanging feeders will enjoy this one! And since my sister has been getting hummingbirds at her feeders, I thought I'd better get my hummingbird feeder up too. So lovely to have everything looking so neat and clean!


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