Spring at My House

Sea of Dandelions
My house sits in a sea of dandelions right now!  I love the look, but I'm sure my neighbors with pristine lawns wish that I would kill them all off.  It will happen in time, but for the moment, that sea of yellow gives me joy!  We have lots of exterior house and yard work that will be happening in the near future, so there will be some changes coming.  All in preparation for my daughter's wedding in July ~ but truthfully, all things that need done anyway.  

Owl with Crows

Anytime I hear the crows, I know that the great horned owls that live in the neighbors tree must be out and about.  Can you see the owl tucked in a fold of the branches?  These photos aren't the best, but I wanted to catch a photo of them and didn't have time to go get the tripod!

Great Horned Owlet in nest
The owlet was nicely visible for a just a short time in the nest in the tree.  Soon the leaves will be fully out and I'll no longer have a view of the nest.  The owls nested a bit later this year.  Last year at this time, the owlet was already sprouting real feathers and spending some time sitting on the branch outside the nest!  This one is still all covered in fuzzy down.  It's such a joy to be able to watch the owls on a regular basis! 


My morning walk around the yard revealed lots of spring beauty.  I think these are wild plums in bloom.  So pretty!

I just love those clusters of pearly white buds.

I've also discovered a number of violets popping up along the cracks in the back flagstone terrace!  They weren't there last year, so it's a joy to see them!  They are one of my favorite flowers!

Amazing to me how such beauty can thrive in adversity!  The crack these are coming up in is no more than 1/2" wide and it bakes terribly hot in the sun most of the day.  Not what I would have thought of as a good environment for violets, but they sure seem happy!

Pretty Green Eyes
In sadder news, my little Mollie Kitty is terribly sick and has spent the last few days at the Kitty Hospital.  I hope she gets to come home tomorrow.  She has been one of the bright lights of my life for the past 14 years and I dearly hope that we get to spend a few more precious years with her.  


Leslie said…
Cute little house sitting in all those... aspens. (are they aspens?) What's that little room sticking out nearest to us, on the right?

The plums and violets are lovely.

So sorry about Molly and hope she's better soon. She looks just like a cat my mother had for 18 years, who had the terribly original name of Calico.
Hopefully your dear kitty will be able to come home soon. Thank you for posting the pictures of your flowers (and the birds)...saw the first daffodils this morning and nearly made DH pull over so I could touch them to be sure they were real!
Anonymous said…
Molly had beautiful eyes. Please let us know how she is doing.

I love your home with it's lawn of dandelions!

You've got some lovely blooms and the owl photos are neat. Some shots you just have to take in a split second whether you are ready to or not.

I hope Miss Molly will soon be better and back home with you to enjoy more time in your lovely haven.

Suztats said…
That sea of yellow looks so welcoming. My daffs just opened, but that's all yet for here. Neat photos of the owl and owlet!
Hope Molly is better and back home!
Anonymous said…
Oh I hope Molly will be just fine. I love your house and spring/fall are my favorite seasons, dandelions and fallen leaves as well. Still not seeing to well but well enough to really enjoy your last few posts:):) Mary
Susan Elliott said…
So much to respond to here . First of all, I hope Mollie is feeling better and home with you now?

Your pictures are so lovely...those plum blossom stamen are amazing!! I want to stitch them.

And we are kindred spirits on the dandelion front. I am loving the dandelions in my yard too and I've grown very anti-chemical since our Bay is dying. My neighbors put down chemicals four times a season and have perfect lawns. I've taken to hand pulling my weeds and my hood thinks I'm a bit wacky.

I also pay attention when the crows raise a ruckus. I wish it was an owl but it's usually my hawks back there trying to pluck a breakfast from my bird feeder. I can here the Great Horned Owl at night only...hooting away in the woods. I so enjoy watching your owl neighbors. You have landed in a blessed place indeed. Even the violets want to be near you!

Nancy B said…
Oh, I do hope your kitty is better! She has the most beautiful eyes. I love your lovely yellow flowers in your yard. We have bitter weeds with yellow flowers in our pastures but even thought they need to go they are pretty too.

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