Round Robins and Apple Blossoms

The little bit of Easter decor that was out has been put away. The pair of white bunnies lives on top of the china cabinet most of the year!  In place of the lovely forsythia blooms which still look stunning, but are in a different room for now, I've placed a vase of apple blossoms!  They have to be one of my favorite scents, right up there with lilacs, roses and violets!   


I wish you could smell these fragrant blossoms!  It's a wonderfully heady aroma that fills the dining room with pleasant scent!  

Though the Fans Round Robin is a DYB (Do Your Block), which usually involves choosing one of 6, six inch blocks to embellish, Lisa A choose to do one large block with an equivalent area to work on. Gerry K. did the lovely floral center and Judy D. did the lower left fan.  Lisa asked for black to be used on her block, so I followed Judy's lead and did the same.

While working in one color might seem easier, to me it is actually more of a challenge as the pattern/design of the stitches becomes paramount rather than the color.  Sometimes with color, you can get away with more of an imbalance.  Judy did a fabulous job on her fan, and I wanted to complement it, but not copy what she had done.  

I must admit that if I had this to do over, I'd have chosen a different pattern than the chain-stitched cable.  It is a little heavy compared to the other seams.  It's also a bit uneven, due in part to the sparkly fabric, which is a slippery knit that I had difficulty controlling.  Even with remarking the pattern a couple of times and redoing, work, I could not get it to come out symmetrical.  Removing and redoing the stitches was starting to cause damage to the fabric, so this is one instance where I have left stitching that doesn't really meet up to my usual standards.  I do hope that Lisa will be happy with it anyway. 

I spent one day piecing blocks this past week.  Hopefully, I won't need to do anymore piecing until after my daughter's wedding in July!  This set of blocks is going out in the Hearts DYB round robin.  I also pieced several more pincushion blocks for the CQJP 2014.  I'll share those as I finish each pincushion! 

My heart and prayers goes out to all those affected by the terrible storms of this past week.  So much damage and devastation.  I would also beg prayers for the grandchild of a dear friend of mine who has experienced horrific violence this past week.  

I am reminded how important it is to put our trust in the Lord God.  No matter what we experience, the loss of home, the loss of family members, the acts of violence against us, God is greater, and only through Him may we find peace, wholeness and joy. 

The Lord answer you in the day of trouble!
The name of the God of Jacob protect you!
May he send you help from the sanctuary
  and give you support from Zion!
May he remember all your offerings 
  and regard with favor your burnt sacrifices!

Now I know that the Lord will help his anointed;
  he will answer him from his holy heaven
  with mighty victories by his right hand. 
Some boast of chariots, and some of horses;
  but we boast of the name of the Lord our God. 
They will collapse and fall;
  but we shall rise and stand upright.
Psalm 20: 1-3, 6-8


Judy said…
I think you did an awesome job working with black-only. Lisa will be well-pleased.

Love the Psalm...God's word is such great comfort.

Judy in MS
welltraveled said…
Thank you dear Lisa for asking prayers for my brave sweet grandaughter. She needs and desires all the prayers in the world
What lovely work with black only. I like the concept.

I love the center flower work too.

That is a wonderful Psalm and I pray your friends grand-daughter will feel God's powerful love and healing strength flowing through and surrounding her at all times.

Beedeebabee said…
Your stitching is so beautiful!...I also love the painting you have hanging near the bunnies...Yes, prayers for all those who are in such need after all that bad weather. xo
Unknown said…
I just love your color combination and the handy work done with your embroidery . Is very beautiful
Anonymous said…
Please let us know how your sweet kitty is doing! I don't usually write, but your kitty has such a soft, lovely face...
Cactusneedle said…
When I lived in Michigan, my ex-inlaws had apple and peach orchards. They bloomed at the same time, along with the clover. The orchards were my favorite place that time of year!
Thank you Lisa.. So lovely

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