Judy's Fan Block

Fan #2 DYB Judy's Block by Lisa Boni
There seems to be a lot of blue and white in my life these days.  They are the colors my daughter has chosen for her wedding, and the colors of Judy D's lovely fan blocks!  I'm so pleased with how this block turned out!  

Fans #2 DYB Judy's Blocks after Gerry K.
These are Judy's blocks as they arrived in the mail.  So lovely!  It was hard to choose one to work on.  

Fan #2 DYB Judy's Block before Lisa B.
This is the block I chose.

Fan #2 DYB Judy's block by Lisa WIP
I nearly stopped working on it at this point, loving the simplicity of leaving the dark blue fan blades blank.  But I kept on working!  At first, I was going to do a different embroidery on each fan blade, but found I liked them to have some symmetry.  

Fan #2 DYB Judy's Block Spiderweb detail by Lisa Boni
I'm not a fan of spiders or spider webs, though I can see the beauty in them.  Spiders just give me the heebie jeebies!  As a result, I have rarely stitched a spider web, and even rarer, a spider.  But Judy asked for a spiderweb and spider on each of her blocks.  In my little box of freshwater pearls, I found the perfect double pearl and stitched a tiny white spider on a web in the corner of the block.  It's about as friendly a spider as I could make it!  

Fan #2 DYB Judy's Block Butterfly detail by Lisa Boni
I'm much happier stitching butterflies!  I wish I could remember where I found a similarly stitched butterfly, but when I sketched one in  my little stitch book, I failed to note where this one was from.  Hope that whoever it is doesn't mind that I've adapted it for this block!  

Fan #2 DYB Judy's Blocks by Lisa B. & Gerry K.
This shows how Gerry K's block and mine balance together.  You can see how the stitching on her two outer patterned fan blades inspired the stitching on the two outer blades that I did.  I also pulled the coral and peach colors through and the little fargo ribbon roses.  I loved that in my stash of lace bits, I had some ivory lace that blended perfectly with what Gerry had used!  I had to look a little further afield when it came to silver accents though.  I had almost nothing silver at all and had to purchase some silver beads and then my daughter shared some of her silver trims with me in order to complete the block!    

It was a delightful block to stitch and I hope that Judy is pleased with it!  


Anonymous said…
O Lisa. You made my block over-the-top gorgeous. I can't even pick my favorite bit you've done. Sheer beauty! Thank you!

Judy in MS
Shirlee Fassell said…
Lovely job! Your your spider ..... very chic!
Leeanne said…
Oh my! Dresdens are my fav! You have made such a beautiful piece!
Cathy said…
Another incredibly beautiful block from your hands! I savor every little morsel of eye candy you create. Hugs, Cathy
Arlene White said…
WOW, Lisa what an amazing Fan block. Judy is sure happy with the result as I am sure you are too. Well done.

traderslostart said…
A perfect example of why you are indeed one of my favorite Top 10 Crazy Quilters . . . Your beautiful stitching and composition are always a treat for the my eyes and touch my soul !!
Oh my goodness! What inspiration for this rainy morning.

Your work is beautiful.

Muito lindo! Aranha, borboleta, flores e tudo mais!
Um abraço!

Very beautiful! Spider, butterfly, flowers and everything!

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