Hari-kuyo Needlebook

front cover with straps
Back in 2012, I signed up for Susan's Hari-kuyo Needlebook course.  Just as it was getting started, my Mom fell ill in Costa Rica and off I went to help her.  Within two short weeks, she passed away, and my life went through enormous changes.  Needless to say, I was unable to complete the course and needlebook project at that time. Since then, I have returned to Susan's instructions time and again thinking that sooner or later, I'd start stitching again and this would be my "re-start" project.  

I must have chosen at least three different sets of fabric for this project and cut out all the pieces, but when I went to work on them, none of them seemed right, so I'd lose motivation and set it aside once again.  I even went so far as to dye some silk embroidery ribbon for one of them and embroidered a different cover, but wasn't happy with the way it turned out.  

Then, just a few weeks ago, I looked at it again and realized that what I really wanted was my favorite linen for the cover. It went perfectly with the Japanese bunny fabric I wanted to use on the inside.  Suddenly I was motivated again!  After adjusting a few of the other pieces of fabric, I finally got it completed! 

front cover
I love the Colorstreams variegated ribbon that I found for the flower!  The colors were a perfect compliment to the fabrics I had chosen.  I believe this is the Arabian Nights color with the gold tones removed.   The leaves are Hannah Silks over-dyed bias ribbon.  The stem is couched silk chenille.  

back cover
Here is the back of the book.

inside front cover
Inside the front cover.  I have a few pieces of Japanese bunny fabrics that I just love!  So "hoppy"!  They make me smile!  One of the things that really makes the needlebook special are the wonderful labels for the needle pages!    

Inside back cover
Inside the back cover.  If I had it to do over again, I'd shift the felt page for the broken needles to the left about 1/4" to 3/8".  It's been a long time since I've stitched enough to break a needle, but I've broken two within the past week!    I also missed the instruction to trim the ties to a better length once the book is assembled ~ but before the flowers were attached!  They are a bit long, so this is something that I'll have to go back and fix.  

I'm so glad to have this project completed.  It feels like a fresh start and a sign that life is finally back to a more normal routine!  


Dawn said…
It is lovely, Lisa! As always….perfect.
I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom.

I'm glad Susan's project motivated you to pick up needles, thread and ribbons once again.

Very lovely work as always.

Love and hugs and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady
Donna said…
The bunny fabric is fabulous. I, too, have this project in my stash... maybe I should rethink my fabrics. Lovely finish as always.
Beedeebabee said…
I'm so very sorry you lost your mom.

Your little book is so beautifully done...a real little treasure!

xo Paulette
Anonymous said…
Just catching up, so wonderful see all your latest stitchings:) Happy Easter
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful! I love your fabric choices.

Judy in MS
hpk said…
What a lovely little project! It turned out great! So the felt for the broken needles intrigues me. Do you use them for something? Or is it like stars on a football helmet for touchdowns? Or just a safe place to stash them? The bunny fabric makes me "hoppy" too!

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