Whispering Hearts

Scrap piecing, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This past month when I was so ill, my creativity took a little vacation. So when I saw that Jude Hill was offering a month of Heart Whispering, I signed up for it. Watching someone else brainstorm and think through how they create, helps to inspire me. To get started, I looked through my bag of bits and pieces and found this little piece of silk piecing that I put together out of tiny silk scraps a while back.

Whispering hearts
The little piece seemed too small, so I added to it, using all those teensy silk scraps that seem too small to do anything with, but are too big to just throw away. I ended up with a nice 6" square piece that I backed with a piece of old soft muslin from a worn out pillowcase. The idea of whispering hearts really captured my attention. The idea of hearts that are so soft and quiet they almost aren't there.

Playing with Hearts
I also played with some little velvet and felt hearts in my stash with some other backgrounds. But they didn't whisper, but rather shouted. Not quite what I was after.

Old CQ Heart
I even found an old CQ heart that I pieced years ago, long before I really became interested in CQ. I had made a couple of pin keeps for family members and was going to make one for myself but never finished it. This heart wasn't whispering either, seeming instead to be trying too hard to be fancy.

Red Wool
I thought maybe I'd try using some of the red wool I have to make something with, but right now it just seems too bold, though I like the lace heart and how the edges seem to disappear. That's more like a whisper.

Heart Whispering in white
Then today, I remembered one of my favorite projects from last year, Gentle Blue Dreams, and decided to do something similar but with just the palest hint of pink. The eyelet lace came from Susan W who kindly gifted me with it last year! I love the way this is starting out! Like the tiny daffodils sleeping beneath the foot of snow that Flagstaff received last night, I feel my creativity starting to grow a little bit!


Laurie said…
I'm so glad you're starting to feel better, and it shows in your work! I love what you are doing with the hearts, and they do whisper! Beautiful!
jude said…
i totally love the ones that are so quiet they are not there..glad you are feeling better.

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