Heart of Lace

Heart of Lace, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Still working on the Whispering Hearts! A few vintage pearls make such a difference on the lace heart!

Heart Halo
The old rayon embroidered lace this heart is made from came from an old slip, made years ago by an adopted Grandmother of mine. I love incorporating bits that trigger wonderful memories into my stitching!

Tiny Hearts
I found little heart shapes in the eyelet lace I used to weave the background. A little accenting with pale pink embroidery thread makes them stand out!

Whispering Hearts
Another day of stitching and I think this piece might be finished!


Gillie said…
I almost don't want it to be finished, I love watching the progress! So enjoyed the wonderful family picture a couple of posts ago.
Rose Anne B said…
This is very very very pretty and yes "vintage" like my dear! LOVELY!!!
Suztats said…
Beautiful and precious with memory pieces added. Love it!
Anonymous said…
I love hearts and lace and all the things you incorporate into such wonderful and unique pieces. I know you will be having your surgery done soon and I wanted you to know I haven't forgotten and I will be looking forward to positive, healing results. Mary
Susan Elliott said…
That gold heart took my breath away!

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