Heart Whispers Day 2

Heart Whispers Day 2, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Been busy stitching on the Whispering Hearts!

April 10 Snow
Yesterday we had about 13" of snow in Flagstaff!

April 11 Day after snow
Today, the snow is nearly all gone and the sound of snowmelt off the roof is like a waterfall! One of my neighbors put out the birdhouse last summer. At first I wasn't thrilled about it, preferring the natural landscape, but the whimsy of it has grown on me!

White Geranium
Inside, several of my pots of flowers have burst into bloom! I love the pristine white of these geraniums and the little flowers of the Oxalis (shamrock).

White Tulips
A pot of tulips from the grocery store has opened up beautifully! Love that glimpse of gold in the heart of each bloom!


Anonymous said…
Wow, no I mean WOW. I love the heart whispers 2 block. The heart on the left is absolutely stunning. That is so gorgeous.

I bet the inside of your house smells so lovely with all those flowers, ah the smell of spring is so wonderful!

Ann Flowers
Anonymous said…
So the snow melted away like a whisper too...

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