Knitted Washcloth

Knitted Washcloth, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

While recuperating at my parent's house in Colorado this past week, I finished the knitted washcloth!

Washing Up
It was a enjoyable small project and easy to carry. I love the way it looks with my antique ironstone washbasin!

Thanks so much for all the well wishes during my illness. A week with the family was just what I needed. I'm feeling so much better now and am headed back to work tonight! My surgery has been rescheduled for April 25th.


Adrienne said...

What a lovely washcloth! Where did you get that pattern? It's beautiful. I make the same pattern without the beautiful lacy edging.

I'm glad you are doing better and that your surgery has been scheduled. Take care of yourself, my friend.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How lovely! I have a pitcher and bowl set that's very similar to yours and it would definitely look nice enhanced with a washcloth like this. Thanks for the idea!

Loralynn said...

What a pretty washcloth...almost too pretty to use!

Bonnie said...

That is a gorgeous pattern.
Can you share?

Hope you are feeling better each day!

Maggie R said...

Hope you are feeling better now.
I LOVE the knitted washcloth. I would love to do a couple for my bathroom...
Can you share the pattern? Thanks

Mosaic Magpie said...

Knitted dishcloths are the best! But this one is much too pretty to use. I would love the pattern.

Donna said...

My mom use to make those and found some the other day that I had never used. Now that she's gone I don't want to use them, because I want to keep them nice!!
I'm sorry you have not been feeling well!!!

Anonymous said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers April 25!!! I love the washcloth but I don't I would ever use it, it's so pretty I would want to keep it that way:) Mary

Susan Elliott said...

Add me to the list of folks who would love to know where you got the pattern??? Of course, you're probably in surgery right now so I can be very very patient! xo Susan