Spring Projects

Beaded Heart Framed, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

With a few days off work before my upcoming surgery, I've been working around the apartment, doing some old fashioned spring cleaning and getting a few projects done. One of my small projects was framing the little beaded heart that I stitched last year. The background fabric is a piece of handwoven cloth in silk that I believe was woven by one of my mother's friends. The little bit of silk luster went perfectly with the beads! The lace pieces came from my stash.

Lisa's Study
I finally finished hanging things on the wall of my study, including the little beaded heart. There is one more small frame to fill to complete the set! I love having all these things in view! One of these days, the desk will get painted creamy white to match the other furniture and I'll finish the slipcover for the office chair. But for now, I'm focusing on putting the finishing touches on the apartment in preparation for my oldest son's arrival on Saturday! He'll be here to help me out for a couple of weeks!

Aging Tulips
The pot of tulips I purchased a couple of weeks ago is aging gracefully! Soon, I'll plant them out on the bank in hopes that they will bloom in the spring for years to come!


Cathy said…
Best of luck on your surgery, dear Lisa! Please let us know how well you’re doing as soon as you are able to be online again!! Your beaded heart is beautiful! Hugs, Cathy
Anonymous said…
I was so glad to read you will have someone to help you for a couple of weeks. Lots of prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery. Mary
Anonymous said…
Take care of yourself and I hope your surgery goes well. Gorgeous beaded heart!! All the elements you used are so pretty!


Ann Flowers
Marty52 said…
Good luck with everything, Lisa. Love the beaded heart... so soft and sweet. Take care.
Wendy said…
The beaded heart is gorgeous and your study is such a lovely place. Good luck with the surgery.
Sherry said…
Hi, Lisa! I visited tonight for the first time in a few weeks and I'm so glad to find that you're feeling better and ready for your surgery tomorrow! You have my sincerest wishes for the best possible outcome, both short and long-term. It's something I've considered myself and can imagine all the thought you've put into this decision. I love your beautiful beaded pink heart and adore your whispering hearts piece. You inspire me!

Sherry in Little Rock
Sandra Foster said…
Hi! Your beaded heart frame is lovely. Sandra

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