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What a lovely Easter Sunday! My oldest son Jonathan is here to help me out for the next couple of weeks. We had a lovely drive south to Sedona where we took in the sights and enjoyed all the signs of spring that haven't yet arrived in Flagstaff! The lovely green meadows in Oak Creek Canyon were so beautiful!

Cathedral Courthouse Rocks
We first headed toward Courthouse Wash where we hoped to take in a view of the rocks with the creek in the foreground, but there was such a wait to get into the park, that we turned around and instead enjoyed the view from a higher vantage point. Still a gorgeous view!

Oak Creek Canyon in Bloom
We stopped several places, but ended up spending most of our time further up Oak Creek Canyon where we had spotted some blooming trees. Once upon a time, the canyon was filled with orchards, mostly apple. Most of the orchards are long gone along with all the old houses and buildings, but the trees live on! We had a lovely little walk up a grassy valley to this amazing grove of wild cherry trees! The scent was amazing!

Cherry Trees
The sight of these pristine white blossoms against the lush green grass lifted my heart and lightened my spirit! What a perfect way to relax before my surgery!

apple blossom and buds
While most of the apple trees were already done blooming, there were still some beautiful blossoms to behold!

Jonathan and Conrad
Jonathan brought his beautiful dog Conrad along. What a joy to have them both here

Lisa 24April2011

Here's me, pre surgery! I've lost about 35 pounds so far in prep for surgery, still have a hundred pounds to loose!

I'll be taking a blog pause for the next week or so. Thanks so much for the prayers and well wishes for my surgery! It means so much to me!


Gillie said…
Best wishes and many prayers, Lisa! I loved Sedona, spring is the best time to go!
My husband and I spent one day in Sedona six years ago, and Oak Creek Canyon was fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pictures and reminding me of this lovely spot.
Adrienne said…
Praying for you, Lisa. You are going to love the way you feel as the weight comes off and you have recovered from the surgery. A good friend of mine did the same several months ago and she is losing weight and looking good again. Best thing - she's feeling good again! Keep us updated - we're here for you.
Susanne said…
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Susanne said…
Good luck for your surgery, Lisa.

Kind regards,
Susie Wolfe said…
Healing thoughts and prayers for you Lisa. So glad to see your son is there to help. I'll be waiting to hear of your wonderful progress.
Kate said…
Good luck for your surgery - looking forward to seeing you back.
Bonnie said…
a friend of mine lost 100 pounds ~~ oh in about 7 or 9 months by going to the Y everyday . They call her the incredibly shrinking woman at the pool.
YOU will do it. I will pray for you...and me to lose about 25! I'm in the same boat!
Lorraine said…
Wishing you all the best Lisa!
suz said…
Sounds like you had a lovely trip - the area looks so beautiful. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Susan Elliott said…
35 pounds!!!! That's terrific! Good luck with surgery Lisa and great love to Jonathan for coming to help you out. He's one sweetheart! One step at a time. That's it. Blessings and faith to you. xo Susan
Susan Elliott said…
Oh and I forgot to say that that second picture is like a postcard!! AWESOME views!

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