Seasonal Stitching

Seasonal Stitching, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

After cutting pieces for another project, I had a little pile of torn off selvage edges. Some of them were beautifully frayed and so on a whim, I wove them together and basted them to a scrap of cotton. They sat there for the longest time. It seemed a rather silly bit of cloth, but intriguing, none the less. After seeing Jude's blocks of satin stitched bars, I wanted to try it and suddenly, stitching a tree on this bit seemed just the thing to do.

Around the tree I added lots of big snowflakes.

Snow Flurries
And now I'm filling in the background with flurries of snow. I have no idea yet where this is headed or what exactly it will become, but I find I can just stitch without thinking too much and right now, that's a good thing. It's peaceful and relaxing to just play around without so much direction now and then.

Giver of Feathers
Here is the giver of my Sunday morning feather. There is a mated pair that nests nearby along with several of their offspring. They are wonderful neighbors to have!


jude said…
oh this makes a great tree!
This really made me smile. I like it a lot. What fun!
Linda Jo said…
This is so lovely and peaceful. I love for you to stitch and show us.
the snowflakes are
jess said…
I love the tree! And I really love the snowflakes!
Dawn said…
This is just lovely!!!!! I would like to try a piece using this technique.
Hello Lisa, Your Seasonal stitchery is truly beautiful. Your Christmas Tree stitching is very unique and pretty. Great piece. Happy Holidays to you. Hugs Judy
Christine said…
Oh, this looks like fun! I have been thinking about doing something like this, but no time now...I can admire yours instead! And what a pretty white doves where I live. Thank-you!
Susan Elliott said…
Wonderful!!!! Oh, this work makes me SMILE!!!!
Phyllis said…
I love your little piece. I've got a quilt pattern that calls for some woven squares that I want to make, but just never have.

What a quick little project that I could do as well, but no clue what to turn it into.

I love all birds, but doves are one of my favorites. I want to do a painting of one soon. I've got a pair of mated (non-wild type) of doves that gives me lots and lots of feathers. They are so sweet to each other.

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