A Palette of Blue & Green

Blue & Green Palette, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The colors I've been drawn to lately are shades of blue and green in combination with one another. It's such a happy, light hearted color scheme. Little bits of fabric, threads and scrapbooking materials have been coming together in these colors and I couldn't resist taking a photo of some of them!

My creation
1. Pocket Prayer, 2. may 5/31, 3. Then, I'll sail the seas, 4. Seahorse 1-2 copy, 5. Bible Bag Stitching, 6. Float: detail, 7. pale aqua and green, 8. green/white, 9. Detail side 2

(Thanks to my Flickr friends for the majority of these pictures! )

There is an increasing trend in my Flickr Favorites to these colors too as well as in my own stitching! As much as I love stitching in creams and green, adding a burst of blue just makes it sing! As I think about projects I want to complete in the coming year, I anticipate more and more blue showing up!


John'aLee said…
Oh what lovely inspiration boards! One of the first quilts I made was for my son and his new wife. When I asked her what colors she wanted she said green, blue and lavender. I felt stumped....because they were so much of the same color way. Your boards reminded me of this quilt. It ended up being one of my all time favorite quilts.
Nothing like getting us out of our comfort zone!
Sewz4fun said…
Mmmmm...can't wait to see what comes of these beautiful Caribbean colors!
Laurie said…
Blue being my favorite color, my eyes went right to all the beauty! I'm intrigued though with the pocket prayer. What is it, and how was it constructed?
ahhhh......it's beautiful. Love your painting...the little bird..the curling fern...the shell...

I love this soft blue direction...glad to be on the journey...

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