A New Keyboard!

New Keyboard!, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

My Christmas gift arrived! It's a new electronic keyboard! I've played piano since I was young, but for the past 6 years, I've been living in apartments where there is little space for a piano and truthfully, it would be too loud for the neighbors. Not to mention how difficult it is to move a baby grand! Thankfully, dear friends in Colorado have been storing my "real" piano for me all this time. But oh, how I've missed playing!

Christmas Carol Books
After receiving the keyboard, I made a trip to the storage locker to find my music. There are three boxes full. I was only able to get to one box without a major re-organization effort. How wonderful that it contained my favorite Christmas music as well as a small selection of the music books I most often played from! I also found a folder containing these old Christmas music books from my childhood! I was so pleased to find that even after not playing for 6 years, my fingers quickly fell into the old patterns! I'll never be a concert pianist, or even be able to accompany a choir, but there is something about being able to lose oneself in making music. It's a wonderful relief valve for all the emotion that otherwise stays bottled up inside, both good and bad.

Christmas Peace
My bit of Christmas stitching is complete! It seemed unbalanced so I added a dove bead to it. It's just a calm little bit of stitching, a bit of Christmas Peace.

The paperwhites are blooming! I tried a new variety this year called Bethlehem. The smell is gentler somehow than Ziva, which is the variety I've usually grown. These are supposed to be a little shorter, but so far, I can't tell the difference. How I love having fresh blooms in the midst of winter!


Darlene said…
Lisa, I enjoy reading your blog. How/where did you get the snowflakes that fall across your page? Darlene D from CQI ddoersch@yahoo.com
Adrienne said…
Oh, I understand your joy, my friend - I am a pianist, too. What a wonderful gift! Enjoy getting lost in the music. Have a merry, musical Christmas, my friend.
John'aLee said…
I am missing my piano too. It is an antique one that is over 100 years old with beautiful carvings. I miss my daughter filling the house with music too. She too like you has a keyboard...because she just has to play.
Have a sweet Christmas!
Unknown said…
I have a keyboard, also. And I love playing--it releases stress. So, I know exactly how you feel. That's wonderful that you found your Christmas music. I know you are enjoying it.

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