Stitching ADD

I've been stitching on several projects. Usually no more than a couple hours at a time. In addition, I've been working on a number of round robin projects that I had gotten behind on. All this busy-ness! I think I have Stitching Attention Deficit Disorder! Can't seem to spend enough time on any one thing in order to get it finished! At times it feels like I've got a million projects in the works and not one of them near completion. It's just SADD! (sorry! I couldn't resist!)

Corner Stitching
This project is one of the cloths that I started for Jude's Spirit Cloth class. I've been stitching swirls here and there as the whim takes me. I love the textures of these "spirit cloth" pieces and how the layers can intertwine with one another.

Green Stitching
Another piece from the Spirit Cloth Class is this one. It started off in shades of white, but then I laid some green silk gauze over the surface and added a fussy cut applique of some leaves in one corner. I envision this one being covered with lots of vines and leaves as well as some mossy textures when it's complete. And maybe a few white flowers as well.

Velvet Hearts on Patchwork
I love doing these little whip stitched patchwork squares! Can't seem to get enough of them! Some of these are being turned into little pocket prayers while the long one will be a mini-Valentine wall hanging.

Red and Black progress
I've been stitching a little more on the red & black bag as well. I find these colors so hard to work with and I get tired of them quickly, so it's progressing quite slowly. The red lace is particularly bright despite the fact that I tried to tea dye it to take the edge off. When that didn't work, I even tried bleaching it, but it has to be the most colorfast piece of red that I've ever worked with as nothing made any change to it what so ever!

I guess the advantage of having so many projects in the works is that I can always find something to work on!


Gillie said…
Look at it this way, it's not SADD at all - it's giving all of us a chance to admire so many different things - I'd get tired of that red too and if you had wanted it to be colourfast, of it wouldn't have obliged!
Rachel said…
I regard having several projects on the go as an advantage...
Mosaic Magpie said…
What is SADD to you, looks beautiful to me. I love the randomness of the first 2 projects.
Christine said…
Oh, so pretty......especially the pastels. Thanks for posting.
John'aLee said…
Your work is beautiful!
Dawn said…
I sooo understand...
I have done so many handmade gifts this year..but have my eye on all the wonderful projects here and at other blogs. I have decided that January will be all about the embroidery...
Beautiful work, Lisa!
Tatkis said…
Lovely projects!
Good luck in finishing! :)

Best wishes,
traderslostart said…
I always knew that you are a exceptionally talented stitcher, but now I also know that you have a wonderful sense of humour too!
Sounds like you take on more than you can possibly finish in record time! God Bless you & yours

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