Pansy Block for Alice

Pansy Block for Alice, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Outside the snow is falling steadily. Inside, I've been dreaming of spring as I stitch on this lovely pansy block for Alice. This finishes up the Pansy DYB round robin for me. I loved the soft lavender in this block, but the block also held quite a challenge! The challenge was how to balance the brilliance of the grassy green, yellow and orangey pink butterfly fabric with the soft tones of the rest of the block. To help with that, I dyed a butterfly in similar colors to bring them into the opposite side of the block. Another challenge on this block was that Alice had specified the top of the block, which to me went counter to the pansy silkie in the center as well as the butterfly fabric. In the long run, I ended up almost working on the diagonal so that it could actually be used this direction (which lines up with Alice's direction) or with the row of SRE pansies at the top if that ends up working better.

Sweet Pansies
This little row of silk ribbon embroidered pansies is my favorite part of the block! May have to make something similar for me!

Detail Alice's Pansy Block
The butterfly was sitting out all by itself and needed something to ground him, so I added a bunch of green sprigs with little yellow bead flowers, again, trying to pull some color through the block.

Can't wait for my set of Pansy blocks to arrive home! I've really enjoyed this round robin!


Sanja said…
Oduševljena sam ljepotom izrade!!! Savršeno i jako lijepo!
Maria said…
Your work is breath taking. So very beautiful.

Cathy K said…
What masterful work, once again. I love how you were able to use your ample talent to balance the block and tie together all the elements. Beautiful job! Hugs and Happy New Year, Cathy
Anonymous said…
I look at your work and I study it and I enlarge it so I can see your wonderful stitches. But I truly didn't realize the thought process that goes into thes projects in order to have them turn out so natural looking until you explained what and how you came up with this block. Mary
devonaz said…
Just beautiful...
Pansies in January is a real treat and your stitching is so's like sugar sprinkles dusted over everything!!
Laurie said…
I can't get over the work on this block, it's just beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
Lovely as always Lisa,
Val xx

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