A Trip to the Greenhouse

With a little extra time to spare, my daughter and I took a meander through the local greenhouse, Lafayette Florist & Greenhouses. I've loved going there since I was a child and can remember walking through the greenhouses to see the carnations and snapdragons growing in midwinter for cut flowers and the greenhouses filled to the brim with homegrown geraniums and poinsettias. These days, they don't seem to grow so many of their own, but the greenhouses are still filled with a wonderful array of plants! Even though it is now November, one area was filled with blooming roses. Such a heavenly scent filled the air.

Cinnamon Girl Rose
The blossoms of "Cinnamon Girl" were my daughter's favorite of the day.

Apricot rose
My favorite were these gorgeous apricot blooms.

Edges of red
Despite the number of roses in bloom, evidence of autumn appeared here and there. These red leaf edges were beautiful.

Stepping stones
The front green house has paths and stepping stones planted with lovely ground cover. It always has seemed such a fairytale setting to me!

Koi Pond
The main greenhouse also has a koi pond complete with a large bridge that traverses it. The largest of these koi are well over a foot long!

Boston Ivy
In one of the back greenhouses, fall is quite evident in the changing colors of the Boston Ivy that has escaped it's pot to grow across the ground.

Peony Leaves
These peony leaves were just gorgeous!

Baby Tears
What a delightful and peaceful hour was spent among the plants!


Tatkis said…
Such a beautiful pictures! Thank you so much! And roses are my favourites forever :)

Best wishes,
Isn't it nice to know there is a place you can go in the midst of the cold weather to see treasures like this! Beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I agree with your daughter on Cinnamon Girl. So danty and unique. What a nice trip for you and us too:) Mary
Marty52 said…
I have always loved this greenhouse, Lisa. There's something about the sound of the water and the scents of the plants in there that really is soothing and tranquil. I'll have to visit when I go back at Christmas.

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