Making Progress!

Center Block 4, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
In between working on round robin blocks, I've been making sure to take some time for stitching on my own projects. Block 4 of my cream/white CQ project is coming along well!

Needle woven Daisy
I love perusing old books for embroidery ideas. This daisy came from Beeton's Book of Needlework (image 544), available online with Project Gutenberg. The original was meant to be completed using all Guipure d'Art also known as needle weaving. I chose to needle weave only the flower petals and did the rest in padded satin stitch. I can tell by my stitching when my eyes get tired, as the work begins to get less precise! Time for a new pair of sewing glasses I think! Regardless, I'm pleased with the way this turned out!

Block 4 Cream CQ
Here is an overall look at block 4 as it stands right now. The rose trellis is the next part to be completed in the lower left. Since the silkie on this block doesn't have a bird on it, I plan to add an embroidered dove, though I'm not certain yet, just where it will go. This block is also lacking in silk ribbon embroidery, so there needs to be at least one SRE motif too.
FYI, I've added a link on the sidebar for online embroidery resources of some of the wonderful old books that I love taking inspiration from! How wonderful that these rare books are now available for all of us to explore once again!


Sanja said…
Beautiful and delicate work, I like the colors and buttons, and everything!
Thanks for the recommendation for Beetons Book of Needlework!
An embrace from the Croatian, and hope to see many more of these your works.
Sorry for my bad English :)
Laurie said…
This is stunning! I love this block, your work gives me something to aim for. I'm going to check out these books.
Leeanne said…
I love popping over to see what you are making and I am always left feeling like I have seen a thing a real beauty, thank you!
Unknown said…
Your CQ block is just gorgeous.
Can't wait to see it after you've added some ribbon embroidery.
Karen Turner said…
What beautiful work. So precise and skilful; something for the rest of us to aim for! I really like the way you combine colour and texture.
Devon said…
You do beautiful work,,I love looking at your stitching..
Anonymous said…
This is so wonderful and intricate. Have you tried an Ott Light when stitching? It helps a lot, almost as good as magnifying.Mary
Marie-noelle said…
Votre ouvrage est magnifique, je suis très admirative.
I just found your blog. I love this block. You do some beautiful stitching. I especially think your satin stitching is fabulous! I am just beginning to CQ and thoroughly enjoying it. Work like yours inspires me even more! Connie
Christine said…
I always enjoy looking at your projects; they are lovely. On this project I especially like the lilac pic and daisy. Love the soft colors, too.

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