Cream/White CQ Revisited

Block 3 Button Flowers, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I brought my Cream & White crazy quilt to work on for this trip to Colorado. Looking back, I see that is a work in slow progress as I started it back in 2007! Motivation and creative ideas for it seem to come in spurts. Each of the 4 blocks have certain items in common, such as a group of button flowers, a cotton printed silkie with birds and flowers, a rose trellis and a butterfly of some sort.

Block 4 Button Flowers
A trip to the antique mall resulted in a new little stash of fancy mother of pearl buttons, perfect for button flowers, so that is what I worked on first. I couldn't resist creating another bouquet of flowers using the set of tiny buttons meant for a baby dress!

Butterfly in Cream
For block 4, which seems to be coming together faster than block 3, I added a butterfly in satin stitch, inspired by one that Hideko had created.

It feels great to be working on this project again and as I see it coming toward completion, I have new motivation to focus on it and get it completed!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I can't believe all the detail. This will be such a treasure when done.
Anonymous said…
Hmmmmmm, I love this, it's wonderful. Have a great trip! Mary
Gerry Krueger said…
I just love cream and white and this is going to be gorgeous.... What a fun way to use odd buttons... Gerry K.
Lorraine said…
There is just something beautiful and simplistic about cream and white.
What an amazing piece of work! So lovely and the color combination is fabulous.

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