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Every now and then, I like to change things a bit in my surroundings. This time, it was a small change, but one that I think I'm going to enjoy for the winter at least. I moved a cubby-hole cabinet from my study out to the living room next to my stitching chair.

Cubby Hole Shelf
Now I have a place to display some of my stitching items and have them close at hand. The painted sign on top was painted by my mother when I was small ~ it adorned my toy shelf once upon a time!

Sewing Boxes
I don't remember where the little brown bunny came from, but he makes me smile! The acorn is a thimble holder and was a gift from one of my closest friends! The tall wooden box is a sewing box that belonged to my great grandmother a century ago. It still houses her old thimbles (which delightfully, are just my size!) and a couple smaller wooden needle boxes.

St Francis with vine
As I was rearranging, I realized that the "wandering jew" plant had grown out onto the floor and was wandering under the plant stand and around the base of the chair. I draped it up over St. Francis in order to clean. I think I'm going to leave it to wander there for the time being!

Angel Vine
On many of the Scandinavian blogs, I've been seeing this lovely plant, known as Angel Vine, and have been wanting to find one. At Echter's Greenhouse in Colorado, they had lots of them, and one came home with me! I love the bright little green leaves on the deep brown stems. I may eventually train this up over a miniature arbor, but for now I'm content to let it send tendrils cascading over the sides of the pot!


Marnie said…
LOVE love LOVE your cabinet! I so enjoy your posts.
Have a great week!
Leeanne said…
Can I please come to your house?It looks so inviting, I love all your cute bits and pieces,how lucky to have your Grandmothers sewing 'box'
Anonymous said…
Lisa I love, love, love that cubby cabnet and all that is in it! It looks great just where it is.
Kirsten said…
It's beautiful!
I love the sign your mother made. Is it a Susan Lordi figurine beside the sign?
Karen Turner said…
What a fabulous cabinet. And what a lovely post, thank you. Rearranging is one of my favourite jobs, always so satisfying.
Wendy said…
That cubby hole is fantastic, I'd love one of them!
Anonymous said…
Winter is coming and this will make your stitching area so cozy and nice for you. A really wonderful cubby cabinet but I would like to sit on a stool and look at each item in each cubby. I know I would love every moment because I would see what might be coming our way soon:) Mary
JennyTheArtist said…
you have such wonderful things, Lisa! i would love to take a tour through your house & to get lost in it's whimsical-ness! I esp. love the sign that your mother painted. what a treasure!
FredaB said…
Hi Lisa

That cubbyhole is so great for people like us who acquire little things and like to display them. You have done it beautifully.

It is so sweet that you have the sign your Mom made you when you were young. How many of us have thrown stuff like that away. Now we regret.



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