Home from Thanksgiving!

Kids Thksgvng 2010, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Hope that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! I had a lovely trip home! For the first time in many years, all the family was together around the table with the exception of my "foster" son, who spent the day with his family. How wonderful to have everyone together!

dsc_2622 Boni
My son the Marine and his girlfriend announced their engagement! No wedding date as of yet, but we're anticipating a summer wedding! This photo is from this year's Marine Ball in Denver.

Frosty Grasses 1
The ride home was lovely as there had been light snow all across Colorado and New Mexico. Near Las Vegas, NM, the frost was heavy on the grasses and I had to stop and take some photos!

Frosty Grasses 2

Frosty Sunflower Seedheads

Frosty Grasses 4

Frosty Grasses 3
The color in some of the grasses underneath the frost was amazing. So brilliant!


Anonymous said…
Wow, this is so nice! It had to mean so much to you to have everyone together. I always love when there is frost on the grass and bushes in the morning. It doesn't last long so the pictures will be great to look at. I am wondering what you will be making for the bride to be and groom:) This will be fun to see evolve. Happy December Lisa. Mary
Adrienne said…
Great photos but they made me feel cold! So glad you could have your family together. Congrats on the upcoming addition of a daughter-in-law.
Laurie said…
Congratulations on your sons engagement! The picture from the ball reminded me of my nephews when he was at his ball. His last day in the marines is the 10th.
I love the pictures you took of the snow, so pretty!
Susan Elliott said…
Beautiful photos of the frost on the grasses. I love the whole palette of those.

But lets get right down to the good stuff...Congratulations! A wedding!! How wonderful for all and I know you'll whip up some beautiful creations for the big day.

And that family of yours looks so young and beautiful!!! You must be a spring chicken! woops. I didn't mean to call you a chicken...
hpk said…
This has to be the best picture ever of all your kids together. They look just exactly like themselves. Even Zach! Auntie Holly needs a copy of this photo! I'm so glad George and I came up to be there too. Love, your sissy.

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