Wee Mushrooms

Wee Mushrooms
When August arrives with warm days and afternoon rain-showers, the mushrooms start popping up in the woods. My oldest son and I spent a day in Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday and enjoyed hunting for photographic specimens! This tiny little pair of mushrooms was spotted under a tiny seedling fir tree, only about 8" high. They tucked in under the lowest branch with moss for a carpet. The longest fir needles are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, which helps to give an idea of the tiny scale of this woodland scene! There should be a tiny mythical little critter peering out around the stems, don't you think?

Aminita muscaria
The Fly Amanitas were particularly beautiful. Such fairytale mushrooms!

Amanita mushrooms
Though beautiful, the Fly Amanita is also poisonous. For my part, I'm content to enjoy their beauty and imagine gnomes and mice and other little critters under their vivid umbrellas!

Amanita mushroom cap
I love the depth of color as well as the texture of the white spots on these.

Overturned mushroom
This little overturned mushroom reminds me of jelly fish somehow. The moss on the forest floor loves the afternoon rains too. What a wondrous variety we saw!

Wildflower Hillside
The hillsides in the mountains were carpeted in a bountiful array of wildflowers!

Asters and Paintbrush
Everywhere we looked, there was incredible beauty!

Flowers by the creek
Along the creek, the blossoms were especially lush. I especially love the Mountain Chiming Bells with their bells ranging in shades of pinkish blue to the most beautiful clear sky blue.

Now after a good visit with the family, I'm headed back to Arizona, this time accompanied by my daughter who will spend a couple of weeks with me! Not much time for stitching as we plan to do lots of sight seeing while she's with me!


Anonymous said…
You never cease to amaze me. Those are stunning photographs. Photography is one of my favorite activities. Yours are breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing such a delightful adventure!!!!

Ann Flowers
Donna said…
As always, your photos are amazing!
Phyllis said…
Ahh - so pretty...and I love being near streams!
Susan Elliott said…
Thank you for these exquisite photos Lisa! Oh, how I would have loved to have been there with you! But thank you for taking such great photos so I can live vicariously through you. Beautiful! Can't wait for the next trip...
Anonymous said…
I love the pictures and I love mushrooms that look so whimsical. Hard to belive most of them are not safe for consumption. Have a wonderful mom/daughter visit!!!!
What fabulous photgraphy! Those are fabulous pictures of native scenes. Well done!
FredaB said…
You paint such a lovely picture both with your pictures and yor commentary. I was amazed at the bright orange mushrooms. I have never seen anything like that.

Have a great visit with your daughter.


What a wonderful time you had, I love nature, it always "gives",,,better than any thing of man. I hope one day you will make it to the Oregon Coast, especially mid state, going north. It is so breathtaking.
God is good...
ee.spenner said…
You and I were in RMNP on the same day!! I frequently check your blog as you have such beautiful stitching to show...How strange to think that even though we are usually 1,100+ miles apart we decided to visit the same place on the same day!

Thank you for your beautiful blog,

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