Autumn in the Air

Green Bag side 2, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

There is a decided feeling of autumn in the air. I took my stitching outside to take pictures this evening. It seemed the right thing to do, to let the breeze flow around and through it, for the stitching to be surrounded by trees and flowers and hillside grasses.

Green Bag side 1
It's so good to see a big project like this one coming to a close. Tonight I'll stitch up the second side and begin adding the last of the elements to bring it all together. In the Spirit Cloth Workshop with Jude, she described Spirit Cloth as "the moment when the cloth reaches the state where i have formed a real relationship with it ." I think I've reached that state with this piece.

Wild Sunflowers
The wildflowers on the hillside this evening were amazing. The wild sunflowers bending in the breeze glowed with such intensity in the evening light.

Wild Grasses
The wild grasses were punctuated with these stalks of tiny white blooms. Just lovely to be out among them all. I've been so blessed the past 6 years to live in places where I am able to look out upon the work of the Master Gardener from my home. It brings such peace and joy into my life!


Laurie said…
I love your quilt piece, it's amazing! And the spirit cloth is what I'll always remember when I reach that point in my cq. The pictures of the flowers are just beautiful!
Absolutely amazing! I love the way these turned out!!
Bonnie said…
That is gorgeous!

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