Stitching Bluebirds

Bluebirds, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I've had a relaxing few days at the folks and been able to sit and do some stitching at long last! I loved the little bluebird heart design that Susan (Plays with Needles) created. I was delighted when she shared her design as I knew immediately that I wanted to add it to my Green bag.

Bluebirds up close
I used two shades of variegated thread to stitch the bluebirds with a split back stitch. I love the way it looks like a miniature chain stitch. For the background stitching in the patchwork around the bluebirds, I used more variegated threads. I'm loving these stitches that bring so much texture to a piece.

Lisa's Autumn DYB Blocks
Right before my daughter and I left for Colorado, I was able to piece some 6" blocks for an Autumn Do Your Block round robin. I went with neutral tones of linen, silk and cotton to make my blocks. I'm asking for everyone to use similar neutral or very muted tones to embellish these blocks.


Susan Elliott said…
Wooohoooo!!!! Looks like a little happiness has landed on your block. I have never used a split back stitch...I'm going to have to try it.
Love the bluebirds and excited to watch these blocks transpire!
allie aller said…
How lovely to see Susan's bluebirds take form!
Your muted blocks will be so only you can inspire them...
jude said…
oh i see so much hand stitching! it tickles my heart.
Rose Anne B said…
Lisa it is so LOVELY to see our blocks finished up in such a beautiful project for you to enjoy each festive season! Beautiful!!!

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