Green Bag Finished!

There is such satisfaction in completing a project and having it come out better than one could have imagined! When I started this back in June, I just knew that I needed a new purse and that I was tired of of looking at the same old stuff in the stores. I wanted something whimsical, yet sturdy and practical. Something big enough to put a book in, or my camera or even a stitching project in addition to the usual detritus one finds in a handbag.

Set of Tote Bags
For the base of the design, I copied the size and shape of the shopping bags I'd made a couple years ago. I use them all the time and the size was just about right, but the handles weren't long enough to fit over my shoulder.

Journal page ~ Green cloth
I sketched up designs, at first thinking I would do much more traditional embroidery on it. I'm so glad I chose the velvet trees instead of root veggies! I also thought that maybe I'd use some cloth weaving. After creating the whipstitched patchwork, the raw edges of the woven cloth no longer seemed to work, so I added more patchwork. For the star patch, I'd envisioned a bluebird sitting on a nest, but my idea was too dimensional and not practical for a purse that would get daily use. When Susan shared her baby bluebird heart design, I knew it was the perfect alternative!

Detail of inside
For the lining, I used the Japanese bunny fabric. I added a zippered pocket for pencils and those little items one doesn't want to lose in the bottom of a deep bag. There is also a pocket for a cell phone, which isn't shown.

Green Bag Finished!  side 1
Now I have a bag that I adore, that is big and roomy and best of all, fits me and my personality! This has to be one of the most satisfying projects I've ever completed!


Marty52 said…
It's perfect! I love the trees around the bottom... I think it really speaks to your life in Flagstaff.
Suztats said…
I have really enjoyed watching this piece come together! And what pleasure you must feel each time you look at it. You have stitched a bit of yourself into your creation.
Cute bags and love that you design them.
JenMeister said…
Lovely! It's come together wonderfully. I love the bunny fabric as the lining.
FredaB said…
Turned our great. Hope you bring it to the retreat.


Laurie said…
Wow it turned out just beautiful! What amazing talent!
Cathy said…
Satisfying AND beautiful. I echo Freda: I hope you bring it to the retreat so we can all drool over it! Every bit of this purse is functional and beautiful and classy. Take a bow! Hugs, Cathy
Tatkis said…
Such a beautiful bag! Adorable size, colors and applique! Great work!

Best wishes,
Rachel said…
It looks really fabulous - well done!
hola he visitado tu blog y me ha gustado mucho
Besos: Mayte
Suzanne Kistler said…
I've loved watching your progress, and the finished bag is simply divine! Thank you for sharing!!
Gerry Krueger said…
I suppose it's too late to send you a button to put on this bag?

Gerry K.
That is a beautiful project.
Your drawings in your journal are beautiful.
No wonder you are pleased with the end product. It is delightful.
Susan Elliott said…
Maybe this has been so satisfying for you because you took the time to get to know all of the make them your own by working them with your hands, your threads and your cloth. I feel a strong spirituality to this piece...though I feel that on many of your pieces.

It's a Lisa Boni masterpiece. And I love the trees around the bottom and the fact that some of them top over the lace. I love the little bunnies that hop around and away from that whole big clan that lives on the inside of the purse (one of my all time favorite children's books is call So Many Bunnies...)

And of course I love the bluebirds...the heart...the love. Introducing blue was just the right touch...I hope it brings you many days of happiness.

Carry on! xo Susan
FloridaBird said…
Very nice! Where do you buy the webbing (?) for the handles?
Your gift of bringing beauty into the ordinary is inspiring. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I was soooo much fun watching this bag come together. I love your art journal! What a lovely project, and one you get to enjoy everyday. Win Win. Suzie in Idaho
Ati said…
It became a beautiful bag Lisa! You absolute get response if you use it on shopping tours.
PS , love your header too!
Sherry said…
I have so enjoyed following your progress on the green long cloth. To see it become such a special finished project and to know how pleased you are with how it turned out really inspires me to get started on "cloth" for a bag of my own. Good work!!!

Sherry in Little Rock
Anonymous said…
Oh my I've been away and I have missed so much. But it's been wonderful catching up on the completed projects and pictures. Mary
Tory said…
Beautiful bags...I am inspired to make similar ones for shopping totes...much more exciting and fun to carry than plain old canvas ones! Especially love the bag with the trees around the bottom!
Rose Anne B said…
Ohhh Lisa this bag is just a beauty and I love the journalling you did before working on it! ALSO I love your little tags inside, where did you get them?
ale balanzario said…
Beautiful green bag, love your design.

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