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Antiquing is an activity that I really enjoy though I don't do a lot of it these days. While in Colorado this last time, I went out, hoping to browse through a favorite store from times past. Instead, what I found in it's place was a delightful shop called Embellishments. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you!

Embellishments sign
Located on South Public Road in Lafayette, Colorado, even the sign is lovely!

Embellishment's chairs
The adirondack chairs near the front doors offer an inviting place to sit and relax.

Embellishments Barrel
Even the unused side door is embellished by a lovely barrel of flowers!

Embellishments 5
Inside, the offerings are a lovely assortment of embellishments for the home as well as for the people who shop there!

Embellishments 2
I loved this display of silvered glass.

Embellishments 4
A display of French inspired bath items. They have an enormous selection of soaps and scents throughout the store.

Embellishments 3
A small room is devoted to "Bunnies by the Bay" items for babies and bunny lovers!

Embellishments 1
Everywhere one looks, there are delightful things to see! I had a wonderful time browsing and though it wasn't what I set off to find, I still managed to find a couple of treasures for my home!

Flowers at Embellishments


Unknown said…
Oh, I would so love to have a store like this near me!

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