A Day in Zion

Desert Bighorn in Zion, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Jessie and I had a lovely day in Zion National Park. One of our first sights of the day was this herd of Desert Bighorn! It's always a thrill to me to see these!

River Walk 1
We spent the morning hiking the River Walk trail back to the narrows. It's a lovely walk, not too strenuous, and the views of the rock walls are spectacular!

A Tree Grows in Zion
All throughout Zion, trees and other plant life grows in seemingly impossible places, like this small tree growing right out of the rock.

Columbine 1
On this visit, the columbine were in bloom.

Columbine Duo
They were so beautiful, that I couldn't resist sharing a couple photos of them!

Wild Datura
We were there early enough in the day to enjoy the blooms of the Datura also known as Moon Flower because it blooms at night and withers by mid-day.

Squirrel in Zion
The Squirrels were out too. They seemed to be enjoying the views as much as we were!

River Walk 2
The contrast of reds, blacks and greens in the canyon were spectacular! The vertical rock walls soaring up from the canyon bottom are awe inspiring!

Hanging Gardens in Zion
The hanging gardens along the trail are amazing, yet so many people sped by them, not taking time to enjoy their beauty. Jessie and I spent a lot of time observing the plants, the steady flow of water down the rock surface and just enjoying the beauty.

Hanging Garden plants
I've always loved Maidenhair Ferns and the ones hanging from the rock walls in Zion have to be some of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

By lunchtime, we were ready for a rest. The shaded terrace of the restaurant at Zion Lodge was just the thing!

Great White Throne
After lunch, we hiked down a portion of the road where the shuttles don't stop in order to take in a better view of the rock tower known as the Great White Throne. While there, we spent a bit of time talking with one of the park's wildlife biologist who was observing one of the Peregrine Falcon nests on the rock wall above us!

Folded Dunes
Late in the day, the lowering sun made the rocks glow. I am intrigued by how the folds and layers of sand have been captured in the stone of these petrified dunes on the east side of Zion.

Thunderbird Restaurant
At the end of the day, we stopped at the Thunderbird Restaurant on the road between Zion and Kanab for dinner. In between each of the beautiful hanging flower baskets was a hummingbird feeder attended by swarms of hummingbirds! Should I have the opportunity to stop here again, I'll just order the apple pie with hot buttered rum sauce for dinner! It was yummy!


Anonymous said…
If you posted pics, and I'm convinced that you did, they didn't make it. Hope you can put them up in the future since your descriptions were lovely.
Lynn S. said…
I envy you! We were lucky enough to spend our first "retired" winter just outside of Zion at Zion River RV Park, 3 winters ago, and I fell SO in love with that area! I would love to go back in the summer but alas...I can't take the heat of that area of the states! LOL... So glad you enjoyed it! No one can imagine the beauty unless they witness it first hand! Thanks for sharing your photos!
Anonymous said…
My comment and your pics must have passed each other in the ether! Incredible pics. I'm going to plan a trip to Zion for next year! Thanks so much for your marvelous travelogues!
Heikesquilt said…
These columbines are so beautiful.
I've never seen columbines in yellow/orange.
Greetings from Germany

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