Working on the Green Cloth

Green Cloth Bag WIP, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The green cloth is gradually turning into a bag! I've spent much of my free time the past few days piecing the tiny patches together. There is something immensely satisfying about taking a handful of tiny scraps that would normally end up being discarded and turning them into a larger piece of useful cloth!

After going through my fabrics, I found a piece of wonderful sage green twill to use as the foundation of the bag. The search also resulted in a nice assortment of green fabrics for the trees. Some are velvet, others are upholstery fabrics. The brown is a strip of cut pile corduroy. A few more rabbit cutouts from the Japanese fabric will turn this into a rabbit dance! I think it needs some bluebirds too!

Working on the Green Cloth
I'm still debating about the lace. I like the texture it offers to the piece, but think that it needs to be tea dyed to tone it down just a bit. The top rim of the bag will be bound in a narrow strip of mossy velvet, so I've left some space for that.

Sketch of Thomas
While I work, one of the cats is always at my side. Thomas often sits looking at me like this for long periods, especially if it's nearing time to eat!


Laurie said…
This is going to be so pretty. I'm always anxious to see your work as it progresses!
Lovey said…
Your work is beautiful! Pls come link up with me and many other talented artist in Blog Land...Smiles...Lovey
Anonymous said…
Really pretty work. My favourite shade of green.
Anonymous said…
Coming along so nicely and I love the sketch of "Thomas":):) Your talent never ceases to amaze me. I wish we could get all of this published for many, many others to enjoy. Mary
Rachel said…
I think I like the lace just as it is, but as I don't know what else you have in mind...! Looking great so far, though!

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