Green Cloth ~ Beginning

Green Cloth ~ Beginning, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

With a couple of relaxing days at home, I've embarked on a new project. My initial idea was to try some of the techniques I've been seeing on Jude's blog and elsewhere with some small pieces. But in sketching my ideas out, they all ran together into a "long" cloth. I suspect this project will morph as it progresses!

Green Cloth ~ Block 1
It started off with wanting to try Jude's paperless piecing. I cut 9 small squares in shades of green from my scrap bag, ironed them using a 1" square paper template and then whip stitched the edges together after the paper template had been removed. I loved it so much, I made another one. A hunt through the green fabric stash resulted in these twiggy batik squares, perfect for combining with the 9-patches to make a larger block (now 6" square). I've used 2 strands of variegated embroidery floss for the seams and love the ever so slight bit of color contrast it gives.

Green Cloth ~ Back of Block 1
I love the way the seams on the back look. Somehow more orderly than what I've achieved with normal quilt piecing. I find I love doing the little whipstitched seams.

Woven Cloth ~ Block 1 up close
I'm thinking of adding some appliques to this block ~ a little rabbit from some Japanese cotton that I have and a leafy floral motif that will most likely be embellished with some embroidery as well.

Green Cloth ~ Block 2
Block 2 came about when I was thinking about adding some velvet for texture. I have quite a lot of lovely deep olive green velvet that I love, which unfortunately doesn't photograph well. 2" squares of a blue-green batik combined with a coarse celery green cotton form the background and the heart will be appliqued down on top.

Green Cloth ~ Block 3
Block 3 was actually the first block I started playing with, just choosing colors and strips of fabric from my scrap bag. As I worked on the other two blocks, this one was modified slightly and still needs to have it's edges turned to match the size of the other blocks. Another leafy fabric will be appliqued here.

Green Cloth ~ Blocks in progress
For Block 4, seen in the lower left of this pic, I'll semi-paper piece a traditional 8 pointed star, but then will add an embroidered blue bird on a dimensional nest. I totally love the 3-d nests that Kirsten makes. Another maker of beautiful nests is Gerry. These talented ladies offer much inspiration!

Green Cloth ~ Journal and Blocks
Later this month, I'm taking an online class from Jude! I love the way she layers her work with fabric and stitches and story. Can't wait to get started!


jude said…
hey i love this...
I love how this is working - I will be watching to see it progress. I ADORE the little japanese rabbit!
Rachel said…
Looks lovely - beautiful colours. I will enjoy watching it develop!
Anonymous said…
I like how you sketched this out. Your sketches are always so good, not at all like a draft, more like the beginnings of a water color. So interesting and as always I blow the pictures up so I can see your stitches. I love them, so perfect. Mary:)

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