Greek Festival!

Every June, the Greek Orthodox Church in Denver puts on a Greek Festival. I first went as a girl when the festival was still fairly small. Now the event has grown into quite a large event attracting thousands of people over the weekend. The gold dome of the Assumption Cathedral is stunning against a blue sky. Inside the dome is painted and gilded in brilliant colors in a method known as iconography, which depicts the life of Christ. You can see pictures HERE.

Assumption Greek Orthodox Steeple
The light of the setting sun made for a glorious backdrop to the the smaller cross atop another building on the Cathedral property.

Greek Festival
There are lots of things to enjoy at the Greek Festival including live Greek music, lots of Greek Dancing, shopping among the variety of Greek boutiques, sampling various Greek wines and beer, but mostly a wonderful assortment of Greek foods! My favorite items on the menu were the kalamari (yummy whole squid dipped in batter and deep fried to perfection!), dolmathes (grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice served with an egg/lemon sauce) and loukoumathes (Greek honey balls - sort of like rich doughnut holes - dipped in honey and walnuts ~ to die for!) This photo is looking down into the food plaza from up near the Cathedral Dome.

Opa! (happiness and good life!)


Hampers said…
Thanks for sharing the information on Greek festivals. Wish If I have made it to the place and enjoy the fines greek wines there.
Laurie said…
So beautiful! The pictures are breathtaking, what beauty. The festival sounds so fun, would love to be there for that! Thanks for sharing with us!
Lauri said…
I lived in Denver since I was a little girl. I always wanted to go to the Greek Festival. I just never got around to doing it. It looks like fun! There were some boys who I went to school who were members of this church. Maybe I'd meet up with them. I wonder if the one is fabulously wealthy as he told me he would be when he was trying to get me to date him?
It is truly a beautiful building
I adore Greek food! Friends visited VA Beach...many years ago...and were so totally excited because they saw signs that said "Greek Fest". They kept walking the boardwalk, looking for Greek food and finally asked someone, "where's the Greek Fest?" The person said, "why are you interested?" My friends said, "we love Greek food and want to buy some." The person started laughing and said, "oh no, you've got it all wrong. This Greek Fest is for black fraternities!"
My friends have never lived it down.
Decor To Adore said…
I love this~I used to live in Crete!

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