Pansy Block for Kerry

Detail Ribbon Pansy, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Flowers in the pansy/viola/violet family rank in my top 3 favorite flowers, so I was delighted when a pansy round robin began at CQI! The first blocks I received were from Kerry, who chose fabrics mostly in shades of purple and yellow. The first element I created for these blocks was the large ribbon pansy using ombre wired ribbon. I also found the lovely little purple and yellow pansy button at the fabric store and knew it would be a perfect addition to this block.

Detail of Pansy Block
One patch on each of Kerry's blocks contains butterflies. I added a bit of split stitch to outline it and continue the shape onto the adjacent patches. I love the little tri-color violas so added a cluster of silk ribbon embroidery violas in the upper left corner.

Pansy Block for Kerry by Lisa B
Here is the completed block! I love how it turned out and hope that Kerry loves it too!


Ruby said…
This is so pretty! I hope you don't mind if I use this as some inspiration on one of mine!!
Laurie said…
Beautiful! I saw the pansy RR and wish I had my FFT RR already so I could participate. Your work is awesome, enjoy checking work projects out!
Rachel said…
Lovelly to see all the different techniques you used to create pansies for the block!
Anonymous said…
Just beautiful, love the stitching, and pansies are one of my favorites too, first thing I plant each year.Suzie in Idaho. I always love your work
I love it!!! Thst ribbon pansy is magnificent and I love all the gorgeous seamwork and the violas! thank you!!
Leone said…
This is stunning!
Karen said…
A truly gorgeous pansy!! I am in love with it!
Lynn S. said…
I LOVE this! It's perfect! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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