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I finished the piecing of the heart and star blocks late last night. Lots of tiny little stitches, but meditative to do. It made me realize however, that it's time to update the prescription for my glasses!

I like the way they look when put together in a square.

Then I laid the blocks out as I had ordered them in my sketch. I'm not sure which I like better. But the long version made me think that it needs to be rolled up like a scroll, something that unrolls to reveal itself. OR... maybe it needs to wrap around something... and that thought led on to this:

Maybe the blocks should wrap around a bag.

And thinking about those velvet trees, led me to my fabrics, where I could only find a couple shades of green... and not the ones I wanted
Which led to first trying to lighten a piece of the dark olive green velvet with bleach... which made me think about the alcohol dyes and why wouldn't that work?... so I found a piece of light biscuit brown velvet, saturated it with alcohol and then added dyes... not able to stick just with greens... some shades of pink and blue crept in as well!

And as things go, there was leftover dye on the plastic sheet I'd used to work on, and some white cotton at hand, so I had to play around a bit more! I'm not quite sure where the red/orange came from... not my usual color choices! But I can see hearts crafted from this bit of fabric. These tiny bottles of alcohol dye with little nozzles aren't ideal for dying fabric with, and who knows how well the color will last, but it sure was fun to play with!


Judy Hartman said…
I was just reading your previous post when this newer post popped up! i love what you are doing with this piece. The whip stitching with embroidery thread does add a nice hint of color! And what you are planning to do with this long cloth is such a great idea! Your inspiration sketch is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Found you via Jude's class. I really enjoy seeing textiles and sketches together like this.
Darlene said…
the bag idea is delightful
Misty said…
Wow, I think the bag would be a great way to display this! I'm enjoying watching this piece unfold!
Anonymous said…
I came upon your blog when, in an indulgent moment, I googled "Lace Collage". I feel as if I have met a soul mate! Or at least someone who is inspired by much the same things as I am, including a deep faith in our Lord and Creator, who made "all things bright and beautiful."
Please go to my blog at
I can be emailed at
I live on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific.
Mary C-B

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