Stitching Away

Rabbit Badge, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Stitching continues on the green cloth project. I am loving the Kantha style stitching and the way it joins layers of fabric together. It changes the drape and feel of the cloth into a cohesive unit. The weight of it feels so nice in my hands as I work. I appliqued the bunny cutout with a simple satin stitch border. It reminds me of all the girl scout badges I had on my sash... many years ago!

Fleurs in Stitching & Applique
The bit of floral applique was stitched down in the traditional manner, but then I went over it with embroidery floss to emphasize parts of it.

Velvet Heart
The Velvet heart also received some stitching treatment with a variegated pearl cotton in shades of green and blue.

Velvet trees
All the trees have been appliqued down with a buttonhole stitch. Another rabbit added here with more to come. I decided to leave the lace as is and will add some embroidery elements on top of it. I'm imagining bluebirds flying through the treetops!


Laurie said…
So so pretty, another great piece to enjoy the progress on!
Anonymous said…
Really beautiful. I love the row of trees.
Rachel said…
It is wonderful to see the details of how this is developing!
Val said…
It's coming along beautifully, Lisa - I love your attention to detail.
Anonymous said…
I love the blue bird idea, that will be special. Mary
Sandies' Patch said…
Just when I was thinking,She won't produce anthing now that makes me say wow!...You post the pics of your green bag to be!
You are so talented! Love your makes!

Sandie xx
Kirsten said…
I love your use of green and the stitching elements on your work. Looking over at my stash, I see my own green overflowing from the shelves. It really is the best colour for nature themed quilts.
Karen said…
I love this, it looks so luxurious and tactile.
rachel said…
Thanks for coming by. Can you believe that flower is only about a 1/4"? So much fun. I can see you are having fun, too, with all of your detailed stitching. I like the second photo with rows of wavy stitches. The bunny hiding in the trees is cute. Enjoy your day!

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